Read For My School

Read for my school is a fun website where you can read and share your favourite books, write a letter to the children in Tanzania and win books for your school.

“It’s really fun and it helps us to get better at reading.” – Issy B

“It makes reading more fun and exciting.” – Gracie

“It’s a great way to get books to children who are less fortunate.” – Lukas

“I love Read For My School because it lets you share your favourite books with your friends.” – Leah

Read for my School

A real bookbinder visits Red 4!

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Pat’s grandad visited us yesterday to tell us all about bookbinding. He’s a professional bookbinder and he’s done books for the BBC, The Queen Mother’s 100th birthday and Damon Alban! He’s also made books for the films ‘The Witches’ and ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’! He’s really great at bookbinding. He showed us how books are made and covered using traditional methods. We learned loads. Thanks Pat’s grandad.