Story makers (Drama)

In story makers, we have been making a story about a women called mrs Truck. She has no food except some green cheese and one rash of bacon as stiff as dreiftwood. We act out in little groups of 3 or 4 what we think should happen next! The class decides on the best act and our Teaher mr Schamroth types it up. We have to think wether we are using powerful verbs or adjectives and sometimes similes or adverbs or connectives. Our Teacher, Mr schamroth, is very kind and active! Mr schamroth encourages us to really think about what were acting out

by Matty

In red 4 we have been doing Story Makers with Mr Schamroth. Story Makers is a lesson were we make up story’s and act them out aswell.It’s so fun.One of the stories we’ve made is about a Lady called Mrs Truck,who has got a swolen knee and she really needs some help!And well thats what red 4 has been doing in story makers this year.But best of all we get to act out our own rolls in partners.So thats why story makers is so GREAT!

by Jessica

We have been learning about storymakers.storymakers is about making storys writing and have got to have big ideas,you need to be brave enough and act your part. We have two characters and they are: Mrs Truck and Good Boy Toy (gbt). Our storymaker teacher is Mr Schamroth, he gets us to act, he gives us ideas to use and he writes down our ideas to use.

By Chantelle