On Tuesday 16 October 2012 we went down into the hall instead of swimming so we could watch a pantomime.

It was a big suprise. We watched Beauty and the Beast and it was quite different to the one we all know. They added music and new characters so it was really entertaining. Once when Belle sang, some one held up a mask of Simon Cowell and he said “that was absolutely dreadful”. The pantomime was made by the M & M theatre company.

Our group’s favourite character was Gaston’s servant, he was really cool, dum and groovy. Whenever Gaston left he turned on the music and started doing some crazy dance moves. Gaston was really bossy and mean and he never listened to people.

Tommy, Thomas, Dylan, Hattie, Pat and India.


The Planetarium

On Monday 8th we went in a dome and we looked at the stars, the moon and the planets. We saw a meteor and it looked like it was going to fall on us and hit us on the head! We looked at the smallest planets to the biggest planet the biggest planet is the great pink planet. The best planet was the great pink planet we looked a the shapes the stars made. Everyone kept screaming  when the meteor looked like it was going to fall on us. The man told us to take our jumpers of  because it was hot in the dome. We all loved it at the dome! The Mars Rover is a robot that takes photos and sends them to us. It landed on Mars a couple of weeks ago and it’s searching and finding out what rocks and other things are. At the moment it’s poking everything on Mars. It’s taking pictures of things on Mars. The moving pictures that looked 3D, it was really fun.



Mars Rover video

Written by Jack, Alesha, Emma and Chantelle.

Our class charter

These are some of Red 4s rights and responsibilties:

We have  a right to be heard and a responsibilitie to listen to each other

We have a right to have freinds and a responsibilite to be freindly to each other

We have a right to learn and a responsibilite to to be ready to learn

Our class charter is very important to the whole of the class.We made it are selves and we made shore everybody  uses them.We have all signed the bottem of are class charter wich means  we all will  do what the class charter says.there are 7 rights and 7  responsibilites.

By Pat

Story makers (Drama)

In story makers, we have been making a story about a women called mrs Truck. She has no food except some green cheese and one rash of bacon as stiff as dreiftwood. We act out in little groups of 3 or 4 what we think should happen next! The class decides on the best act and our Teaher mr Schamroth types it up. We have to think wether we are using powerful verbs or adjectives and sometimes similes or adverbs or connectives. Our Teacher, Mr schamroth, is very kind and active! Mr schamroth encourages us to really think about what were acting out

by Matty

In red 4 we have been doing Story Makers with Mr Schamroth. Story Makers is a lesson were we make up story’s and act them out aswell.It’s so fun.One of the stories we’ve made is about a Lady called Mrs Truck,who has got a swolen knee and she really needs some help!And well thats what red 4 has been doing in story makers this year.But best of all we get to act out our own rolls in partners.So thats why story makers is so GREAT!

by Jessica

We have been learning about storymakers.storymakers is about making storys writing and have got to have big ideas,you need to be brave enough and act your part. We have two characters and they are: Mrs Truck and Good Boy Toy (gbt). Our storymaker teacher is Mr Schamroth, he gets us to act, he gives us ideas to use and he writes down our ideas to use.

By Chantelle