School Interviews

We asked some people in our class some things to do with school!

Tanisha’s favourite subject is maths . She also has a favourite book which is The Killer Cat by Anne Fine.

Pat’s favourite job is Junior Governors and the book he is reading at the moment is the Hunger Games – Catching Fire.

Brogan’s best game at play is Watchdog. Watchdog is where one person counts to thirty on the stage. The others hide beyond the tractor and the first person to get to the stage without the person on realising, wins.

Louis’ favourite book is The Hobbit and his favourite subject is science. Louis’ favourite job is Junior Governor.

Hattie’s and Matty’s favourite books are Lilly Alone for Hattie and The Third Wheel for Matty .

Tell us your favourite job, book or subject on the comments. Thank you for reading this.

By Hattie and Matty!!!                                                                                                           





  1. Maths was always one of my favourite subjects at school – I liked working with numbers and equations to draw graphs.
    Some of my favourite books are the Disc World Novels, by Terry Pratchett – because they are very funny (they make me laugh out loud sometimes – which can be embarrassing!)

  2. My favourite subject is Science. The best thing about my job is being able to teach Science in a really cool and fun way! I have way too many favourite books, but one of my favourite authors has always been Roald Dahl. The first book of his that I read, was Matilda and from that moment on I was hooked! Mrs Trunchbull has got to be one of the most grotesque characters ever. I bet you guys are glad you have Mr Oram for a Year 4 teacher rather than her! Thank you for another fab post.

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