Adam`s games.

What you have to do is find the odd letter out for example there is an a in here somewhere.

Good luck!

School Interviews

We asked some people in our class some things to do with school!

Tanisha’s favourite subject is maths . She also has a favourite book which is The Killer Cat by Anne Fine.

Pat’s favourite job is Junior Governors and the book he is reading at the moment is the Hunger Games – Catching Fire.

Brogan’s best game at play is Watchdog. Watchdog is where one person counts to thirty on the stage. The others hide beyond the tractor and the first person to get to the stage without the person on realising, wins.

Louis’ favourite book is The Hobbit and his favourite subject is science. Louis’ favourite job is Junior Governor.

Hattie’s and Matty’s favourite books are Lilly Alone for Hattie and The Third Wheel for Matty .

Tell us your favourite job, book or subject on the comments. Thank you for reading this.

By Hattie and Matty!!!                                                                                                           



Books and Authors

First of all we are going to tell you about a book that was written by C.S Lewis called the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe from a popular series called Narnia. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is a very creative story about a devious, sinister witch with a cunning brain. There’s a big ferocious lion and a mysterious contraption that appeared to be a wardrobe and led into a winter wonderland. A girl called Lucy entered and when she found out the truth about the place she thought differently about the place.

Junior, Jack and Louis

Maths Problems

In Red 4 we do a lot of maths problems, for example:”magic square” where all the sides including diagonal add up to the same number, Our answer was 33. There was one we did today which has 8 circles, they were in a square shape and there were the operators addition , subtraction, multiplication and division. For our problem we had to put the number 1-8 in every box so all the sums were right. It was very hard.


by Pat and Sonia


On Tuesday 16 October 2012 we went down into the hall instead of swimming so we could watch a pantomime.

It was a big suprise. We watched Beauty and the Beast and it was quite different to the one we all know. They added music and new characters so it was really entertaining. Once when Belle sang, some one held up a mask of Simon Cowell and he said “that was absolutely dreadful”. The pantomime was made by the M & M theatre company.

Our group’s favourite character was Gaston’s servant, he was really cool, dum and groovy. Whenever Gaston left he turned on the music and started doing some crazy dance moves. Gaston was really bossy and mean and he never listened to people.

Tommy, Thomas, Dylan, Hattie, Pat and India.

Our class charter

These are some of Red 4s rights and responsibilties:

We have  a right to be heard and a responsibilitie to listen to each other

We have a right to have freinds and a responsibilite to be freindly to each other

We have a right to learn and a responsibilite to to be ready to learn

Our class charter is very important to the whole of the class.We made it are selves and we made shore everybody  uses them.We have all signed the bottem of are class charter wich means  we all will  do what the class charter says.there are 7 rights and 7  responsibilites.

By Pat