Greetings Bloggers!

Welcome to our blog! If you enjoy it please comment.

Over the year we might put:

  • links to games
  • answers to your questions
  • homework projects
  • videos and animations
  • and lots more…

We look forward to hearing from you,

Red Four

ps. if you have a blog then please tell us what it is called so we can visit you.



  1. Hello Red 4 thats a lovely welcome to your blog . We have just started a family blog on Blogger. It’s similar to WordPress, but im sure Marly will fill you in with it all, as im not as good as her on computers haha :)!!! Can’t wait to read more of your blog…….Keep up the good work RED 4……your the BEST xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    CONGRATULATIONS on your blog
    Claire (Marly’s mum)

  2. Hello Red 4! My name is Mrs. Lasher and I teach students your age in Texas (U.S.A.)! We are looking forward to being your quadblogging buddies! We will visit your blog and you can visit ours! This week, I will ask my students what facts we can add to your list of U.S.A. information!

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