The Planetarium

On Monday 8th we went in a dome and we looked at the stars, the moon and the planets. We saw a meteor and it looked like it was going to fall on us and hit us on the head! We looked at the smallest planets to the biggest planet the biggest planet is the great pink planet. The best planet was the great pink planet we looked a the shapes the stars made. Everyone kept screaming  when the meteor looked like it was going to fall on us. The man told us to take our jumpers of  because it was hot in the dome. We all loved it at the dome! The Mars Rover is a robot that takes photos and sends them to us. It landed on Mars a couple of weeks ago and it’s searching and finding out what rocks and other things are. At the moment it’s poking everything on Mars. It’s taking pictures of things on Mars. The moving pictures that looked 3D, it was really fun.



Mars Rover video

Written by Jack, Alesha, Emma and Chantelle.



  1. The Planetarium sounds fantastic! I think I would have screamed too if I thought the meteorite was going to hit me! I have been following the Mars Rover on the news and it sounds so exciting to be able to see if there ever was life on Mars! Well done Red 4, love being kept informed! Thank you.

  2. Thank you for the exciting update on your Planetarium visit Red 4! It really did sound fantastic. I wish the parents could have had a go too! Do you think it would have been amusing to see your parents screaming if they thought the meteorite was going to hit them? You described your experience so well that I could actually imagine what it must have been like. Keep up the great work on your blog! I look forward to reading your next post.

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