A warm welcome to our blog!

We are Red 4 and we would like to tell you about our blog.

Over the next year we will post:

  • Our work, including science experiments, ICT, etc.
  • Pictures from trips
  • Fun things
  • Games we’ve invented
  • Internet links
  • Videos
  • What our visitors have to say
  • Stories and songs
  • Projects
  • Interesting answers to questions


  1. Howdy Red 4 – We think your blog is fantastic. We think we will learn lots about the USA from you. In year 1 we are lucky because we have Mrs Gustafson. Did you know that in the USA smarties are NOT chocolate but hard sweets? Also Mrs Gustafson calls chocolate Candy!!! How strange! Yellow 1 are about to begin an art project on the artist Andy Warhol. He was a pop artist from the USA. Watch out for a display along the corridor… it’s coming soon!

  2. What a great blog, Red 4. It’s really interesting to read about what you’re learning in Year 4 – especially with the new USA project! I’m looking forward to finding out about the adventures of Alex the alligator too!

    Keep us posted!

    Mr Misun- Yellow 3

  3. What a great blog Red 4. I look forward to learning more about the USA and seeing some great pictures. Did you know that the Statue of Liberty was shipped across the Atlantic from France in over 200 huge crates and her hand and torch were the first to arrive.
    PS I like the picture at the top of the blog!

  4. Hi Red 4! Brilliant blog! Adam has found out that America’s coastline is 19,924 km!
    So many facts,you are all working so hard.
    What about an American food tasting event?! I’m sure there would be lots of ideas as to what to try!! Keep up the good work!
    Julia (Adam’s mum)

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